Out and about

3 02 2012

Hello blog world, it seems it’s time to get back into taking photos again. I went on a photo walk around Brisbane on Wednesday with a friend from college and as much as I enjoyed taking photos, walking around the city made me realise how unfit I have become over the last couple of months. So aswell as getting back into photography it’s also time start looking after my health again. More on that later, time for photos.

Delusionally optimistic

31 01 2012

My battery works again. Not sure how this happened but I just decided to try and charge it and viola. I’m quite happy now that I get take photos and take part in some challenges. So hopefully some new photos to come soon.

In the mean time here is a video of a friend I made a while ago on my travels.


I’m not sure why but I have always been able to connect with animals in a way that other people don’t. Hahaha that sounds so suss.

Some things I dislike

13 01 2012

Well I will just jump right in and say that I hate most people and most things. Some of the things I hate include:
1) People who don’t know the difference between lightning and thunder – no, you won’t get struck by thunder.
2) Overrated artists and the douche bags that like their crappy paintings and go on about the meaning of the piece – news flash, you are a tard and most probably a fucking hipster. Picasso was shit so shut your pie hole.
3) Hipsters – need I say more.
4) People who try to feed you cake after someone just blew out the candles – thanks but I would prefer not to eat someone else’s slobber.
5) Mock cream – ewww, pretty sure Hitler was actually trying to find and kill the person who made that crap.
6) Steven Spielberg, Michael Bay, James Cameron,Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Kathy Bates and Rosie O’Donnell including any movies they made or starred in and anyone who has ever come in contact with any of them.
7) People who can’t spell or people who pronounce words like they just had a stroke – its stupid not stoopid.
8) People who just have to use the French word for certain things instead of the English word – you look and sound like a moron.

I often wonder where the English language comes from because it sure as hell didn’t come from a place where they say free instead of three. Seems as though they are the worst at their own language. There is no such thing as an expresso and funnily enough this dumb spell check on this iPad didn’t even pick that up, i knew this thing was evil. We live in a time of retarded people teaching people to be even more retarded.


19 12 2011

I’m back. But don’t get all excited as this post won’t be anything spectacular as I’m just getting back into it. Ok so this  past year has been pretty hectic and because of that some things have been put on hold including this blog. I think I have taken less that 1000 photos this year, played less than 2 hours of guitar, about 10 hours of making music, no firetwirling and the list goes on. To compensate for the things that I haven’t done I have done some really dumb things like starting to wear hoodies(Ewww) , and owning an apple product (Ewww x2).

I have however started studying and drinking a lot more coffee for some reason. Also a lot of alcohol has been  consumed. I am studying a diploma of business which is actually quite interesting and a lot less boring  than I had originally thought it would be. I have met some really great people and the only downside is the train ride. But now that I’m the new owner of a douche machine (iPad) I have something to do while I commute.

Ok so living in Caboolture is exactly the same as it has always been – horrible. There is always something or someone to laugh at, however doing so may get you stabbed. So walking around with my camera in a town full of criminals and mentally unstable people probably isn’t the smartest idea. Anyway here are some photos.

Midnight Robbery

20 12 2010

Reality TV = A pile of crap. I am so over reality tv and I’m sure I can’t be the only one. It seems that when ever I turn the tv on there is either a reality tv program on or an ad for one. How do these programs get ratings you may ask? Well I’m not to sure but the only reasonable explanation that I can think of is that The Umbrella Corporation released the T-Virus which has turned everyone into zombies. Some of my favourite Tv shows have been cancelled because these “zombies” are too brain dead to realise that reality tv is killing the video star.  

So last night I was having some McDonalds for a midnight snack when out from nowhere THE HAMBURGLAR stole one of my burgers. You may be inclined to think I am making this up but I promise you that it’s true. Ok maybe it wasn’t The Hamburglar but it was however a certain former Australian Idol contestant. I’m abit of a caveman when it comes to food, If you steal my food there is a good chance that I will beat you to death with a large stick. So now I dislike reality tv even more than before.

Here are some more old photos. I was hoping to go and get something new but that hasn’t happened yet. I have found a few good locations that I’m hoping to get to in the next couple of weeks

Anzac Square Brisbane


Mojo the cat

Why is my chest hair in the shape of a christmas tree? Hmmm……

How about the weather?

15 12 2010

It seems to me that people are getting dumber and dumber these days. Gone are the days where you could have a conversation with someone without the following topics arising – Facebook, Youtube, Google, Donkey Punching or Oprah. However I would pay to see someone donkey punch Oprah… wouldn’t you?

Ok I have some photos which are all old but with this weather we have had lately I haven’t been out anywhere.

Just a sunrise at Redcliffe


Sangate Clock Tower


Kurilpa Bridge


Kurilpa Bridge01

Some new photos to come soon.

Yes it’s a post.

31 10 2010

Ok so I haven’t posted for quite a while now due to the fact that my new ISP are abit on the dumb side. Seriously how many times does it take to connect the internet properly? Aparently 3 times but thats not before they didn’t send out my router, told me I can’t set up my connection with wireless, told me the internet wont work with a 10 metre phone cable (aparently 2 metres is max and mine is actually 15). Anyway enough of that back to something a little more exciting – Photos.

I think my camera is starting to feel depressed and neglected as I haven’t been taking many photos recently or maybe I just don’t get to take as many as I would like. So here is a photo I took a couple of weeks ago at… wait for it…. wait for it… Redcliffe. Wow that was a big surprise.

I found this on one of my early morning walks along Redcliffe and I thought to my self Mark, you are one very handsome man, I don’t know how all the ladies can keep their hands to themselves *Flexes huge muscles* Chuck Norris has nothing on you. And then I thought maybe I should come back here another day and try to take a nice photo. So it didn’t turn out the way I wanted but maybe I’ll try again another day.


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